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This F.A.Q was created by the users of the forums. We allowed any and all of our members to ask questions and to have them personally answered by Joey himself. No one's name (as far as questioner) is revealed for privacy purposes.

Q - What ever happened to the legendary tales?

A - Legendary Tales was going to be a series of ongoing shorts by me and Chris Boe.  All was going well, but we soon found out it took just as much time to make shorts than work on a full movie.  I decided it wasn’t worth the effort, and we would be better focusing on the bigger movies.  At this time there are no plans to continue it, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more short movies.
Q -How was it you and Chris Boe began working together?
A - Chris Boe made me a fan movie when we first met, and soon thereafter he tried out for the voice of Sal.  We became buddies and I saw he had animating potential.  He offered to help animate.  I had a good experience with Flash Bros helping with animation so I took him up on it with One Ring 3. I was satisfied with the results, so he became the secondary animator for LegendaryFrog cartoons.

Q - How did you start the Matrix has you Collaberations? Specifically, how did you round up everyone? Do you know them personally or anything?

A - The idea, contrary to what some people may say, was not taken from the various Newgrounds collabs.  In fact, when I came up with the idea for getting people together for the movie, collabs were not that common on NG.    The idea was inspired by The Animatrix, which was a series of anime shorts based on the Matrix.  I had several Matrix ideas but not enough for a entire movie.

Many of the animators were friends of mine, and some where people I liked on Newgrounds.  I simply asked them.

Q - What inspires you to create flash?
A - I always wanted to make movies, so when I learned Flash I gave it a try.
Q - And how did you first get started?
A - I learned Flash at my job, unrelated to cartoons.
Q - When you first started flash did you ever think you would become this popular?
A - Nope!
Q - What are you going to move onto after There's Something About Halo 2?
A - Check my site for details on future movies.  As of the end of 2006, me and Boe are working on another Ark and Kerrigan, and I want to make a World of Warcraft movie.  Another Metal Gear Crisis with NALO is also not out of the picture.
Q - Do you think you will be doing flash for many years to come, and what can we expect?
A - I can’t say.  I defiantly like it, and I like writing scripts as well.

Q - What career are you aiming for? (is that a stupid question?)
Will you voice in my movie? (ok that was a joke.. but it is frequently asked.. by me especially ^^')

Aside from World of Warcraft, would you mind listing your favorite three video games

A - Zelda:  Ocarina of Time,  Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country 2.  There are more, but those are my top favorites.
Q - Is there anything planned for future parts of Code Veronica?
A - I’m afraid not.  Part 2 is written and part 3 is thought out mentally, but I rather work on something new.  Sorry :-(
Q - How does your new style (the one your supposedly using for TSAH 2) compare to previous ones, in terms of looks and animateability and do you think people will welcome the change?
A - The more realistic style in Halo will probably be a one time thing.  I guess it’s a matter of opinion which people like more.
Q - Have you ever though about expanding to other styles of flash animation such as brush or fbf (the only brush movie I think I've ever seen from you is 'Legend of Zelda Tribute')?
A - I have not.  FbF is not my strong point as I can’t draw like that on the computer, and be consistent with it.
Q - How do you feel about your progress from day one with flash until today?
A - I feel I improve with each movie.
Q - According to Dus, you like the band Rhapsody.  Were you inspired by the album title "Legendary Tales" when making the flash series by the same name?
A - No the name is a coincidence.
Q - What is your real job? And besides entertaining us losers, what do you do in your spare time?
A - I work for a company who makes educational chiropractic software.  In my spare time I like to draw, write, and play games.
Q - Have you spoken to anyone from Macromedia?
What do they think of your work?
A - Nope, and no idea.
Q - How do you get your Ideas from you head to script?
How do you write a script?
A - That’s a hard one to answer.  They just come to me when I do whenever.  In the early days I rarely wrote a script. But as movies got longer, I needed them.  When writing a script you often come up with more ideas or things to change or improve.
Q - What's your favorite flash movie that you've made?
A - Return of Ganondorf is my overall favorite.
Q - Do you like any flash stuff made by other artists?
A - Yeah.  I have many flash friends like John & Richie and Super Flash Bros. I’m also a big fan of Homestar Runner, although I don’t know them personally like many of you have asked.
Q - What direction do you see the future of flash stuff in general going in?
A - As we can see already, I think it will become more and more like animated film.  I think more and more artistic people will begin making flash.
Q - How advanced was the flash you used in your movies
A - I began using Flash 5, then upgraded to Flash MX.
Q - Why has it been so freaking long since another movie was posted on your site?
A - Making Flash takes time, and after so many years of making Flash its not as fresh to me.  So I mainly work on it when I’m in the mood. 
Q - What will happen when you grow too old to work here?
A - I’ll be dead!
Q - Can you appear more often on the forum?
A - I’m not really a fourm guy, but I do pop up form time to time.
Q - What did you want to do as a job when you were a kid?
A - Paleontologist.
Q - What is your other hobby other than flash?
A - Drawing and developing stories.
Q - Who is your favorite Flash Artist besides yourself?
A - The Brothers Chaps.
Q - If you could be anything you wanted to be, What would you be? Why?
A - Probably something that would get my stories and ideas made into something like a movie, book or game.
Q - Anyways...uh. What inspired you to start drawing?
A - Imagination! And Dinosaurs.
Q - Where do you get your material from? is it made by you or do you have a team of writers?

If you had the money would you direct a a movie of your ark&kerrigan story

How often do you view the forum
What would you do if you were offered a spot animator/director for your own tv anime show? Would you: A-Use your previous work, like 'Ark, Kerrigan, Sal, and Senya'? Or B-Use new work from the top of your head?

A - Surprisingly, doing a TV doesn’t interest me.  Much like Homestar Runner, I like having control over what I do.  If I were to do a TV show, which is waaaaay out there in the realm of possibility mind you, it would have to be something new I think.

Q - (Random question)is Dustin watts a real person

What does Dustin Watts do?

A - He just kinda hangs around.  And offers support.  Occasionally he’ll say something clever and I’ll steal it from him.
Q - Are you a PS3, X-Box 360, or a Nintendo Revolution person?
A - Nintendo all the way.
Q - Are you really blue-eyed?
A - Yes, I have light blue.   Sometimes they look kinda grayish
Q - Have you reached level 60 in World of Warcraft yet?
A - Ayep!  Asciran on Wildhammer is my first level 60.  He’s part of the LegendaryFrog guild there.
Q - How long is your...  *ahem*  ... "Galactic War Saga" Novel, at the moment?
A - About 5 brain cells.  But it’s a massive story.
Q - Do you plan on sometime making the galactic war into a flash movie?
A - I don’t plan on it, I don’t think Flash is appropriate for it.  However, I’ve always wanted to make a sort of movie trailer for it.
Q - If so, do you worry that people will find it too serious next to your other movies and you may lose fans?
A - If I ever do, I don’t think I would loose fans, no.  If anything I would probably get some new ones.
Q - Do you accept suggestions for scripts?
A - I’m afraid not.
Q - Have you been in the news or had interviews?
A - Only on some websites.  Nothing professional.  There was a blurb about Final Fantasy Tribute in a issue of PSX Magazine.  This was before I even had a website.  I was also told it was mentioned on G4 a few times, but I never saw it.  Other than that, I don’t’ know of anywhere else.
Q - Has anyone ever stopped you somewhere and recognized you?
A - Once, at a local gaming store.  He thought he recognized my name and Dustin mentioned LF.
Q - Are you going to introduce new characters from Galactic War Saga in your upcoming movies?
A - Possibly.  But not as major new characters more than likely.
Q - Would you allow someone else to turn Galactic War Saga into a flash movie?
A - Its possible, buy GW is close to me and I’m not totally sure I want it out there in flash form.
Q - Will we ever see the Galactic War Saga "the way it should be" at all?
A - Who knows what the future holds!
Q - How long does [movie] take to be made?
A - Depends.  I work kinda slow, so it often takes months.
Q - Where do you get your ideas from?
A - First and foremost the things they are based on, be it video game or movie.  I do what I think is funny.
Q - Why is there a FAQ coming now?
A - The old version of the site had one to, but this one includes questions asked by fans.
Q - Where do you usually get the voices for your cartoons?
A - I try to when I can. For many of my older toons, I did many of the voices.  (I did all the voices for One Ring 2 for example.) but now I have talented friends to help with voices if I need it.

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