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Wonders of the Universe - Xenophobia

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to take some time and lay down exactly what's up with the website.

I started making flash movies in 2001. That's almost 10 years ago!  I was fresh out of highschool, and I started a job doing Flash stuff.  As a total newbie on the subject,. I learned the program at my job, and thus, started doing stuff on my own.  My early stuff was pretty basic, and frankly, crappy. Even my first 2 released movies ("One Ring to Rule Them All" and "Legend of ZELDA!") were pretty laughable.  But the flash scene was young, and my first major movie, "Final Fantasy Tribute," found great success on  Thanks in large part to the catchy song I used for it no doubt


In the years following, quite naturally, things slowed down, both flash and popularity-wise. I kept projects going, but I learned what my strengths were: models and working with people on scripts.

I tried on several occasions to test this out in the past few years, but it never panned out.  The ones I made public were "Quest for the Triforce" and later "The Matrix Has You Again."  Even now, I have a more open collaboration about Resident Evil in the works.

Around the start of 2009, I seriously started looking into what I wanted to do with that mindset.  I started talking to my friend Casey, and his friend Mark, about working together. For a long time he wanted to remake his old movie "Shadows of Azeroth" and remove all the World of Warcraft elements.  As he started it and I saw what he was doing, I realized his very good script was going to be lessened by weaker character models. is backgrounds were fantastic, but the other aspects didn't meet the same standards.   I offered to draw the art for him, and long story short, Mark said he would animate.

New classics!

Then we started collaborating on the story and it all clicked.  Not only were we talking about the newly titled "Legends of the Black," but also about other projects after that.  We started the movie, and have been extremely happy with the results. Over the course of the year, I began to solidify what has already happened:  LegendaryFrog was good for the silly parodies I released in the past, but if I wanted to move on I had to leave it behind.  I'm not that active flash wise so I didn't see a point to act like I was. (which I haven't for several years)

The team with Casey and Mark, and possibly others in the future, is my primary focus. The first act of "Legends of the Black" will be released in the coming months and will be a good test to see how the system works. 


Here is a list of a few key points, goals, and clarifications:

Xiphon and Slinks

- The Legendary Lilypad will become an archive site for my movies. The forum has a little community going, so I'll probably hand it off to someone to host somewhere else so it's 100% out of my mind.

- That doesn't mean it won't ever be updated. (the Resident Evil movie, for example.)

- Comics can be seen on my deviantART page, and will be updated when I have the free time. They take awhile!

- Fanart will stay where it is.

- It's one of my biggest regrets that "Ark and Kerrigan" didn't see any more full movies.  Remember those failed movies I mentioned before? A few of those were A&K movies.  It's my hopes to do something with them with the new team.

- The concept behind this team is we all do what we do best. That doesn't mean I won't animate anymore, but it's not "what I do best."

- The team will have a "studio" name (not ready to announce it yet) and will focus on original stories.  That being said, I want to talk to a friend about a parody under that team name.

- There will be a new site to host the new movies, and I plan on having it be more like a blog and not a news outlet (at least for myself.)

- The Podcast is still going strong, but I think it needs to find more of a audience. It's not going away and will be part of the new site.

We're not ready to go into more detail with some stuff: such as the name, other projects, or recruiting, but this is what we have planed.  I'm not going away, nor giving up on what made my movies popular, just giving it a new direction.  Thank you all for your support, and I hope to share more details soon!

You can see Casey and Mark's Newgrounds pages here:

And remember, all my new art can be seen on my devantART site at:



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